Our Staff

All our staff are highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated to delivering the aims of this group, and all members have received training on the delivery of the EYFS. Children are cared for in an environment that is very welcoming to both children and their families. Staff are committed to updating their training needs and regularly attend training courses to update their skills in all aspects of pre-school education. They understand and respond to the individual needs of a child whilst providing a stimulating, calm and happy environment in which children can explore and develop with confidence.

We value the importance of shared communication and feel that a continued working  partnership approach between staff and parents is very important. By working together and sharing information both parents and practitioners improve children's learning outcomes. We do this in our setting in a couple of ways.

Class Dojo - ClassDojo is a classroom communication app used to share reports between parents and teachers. It also gives us the opportunity to instantly share photos, videos, and announcements on Class Story, or privately message parents. You can also share photos and contact us through private message

Every child has an individual portfolio of achievements. We also take photos to share children’s learning and experiences  parents can access these at anytime.

All our staff are First Aiders and we have a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator at each session.

Cathy and Geraldine

Mrs Tate, preschool manager (right)
Mrs Nolan, deputy manager (left)